NTS02 Total Station

NTS02 is the newest reflectorless series of NWi Total Stations. It’s key features are designed to quickly, reliably and efficiently get the job done in any environment.

Accurate, economical, durable and dependable; the 2” NTS02 Total Station is the complete on-the-site solution for construction and survey professionals.


  • Telescope
  • Objective Aperture (EDM): Φ45mm
  • Magnification: 30x, 1º20’ Field of View
  • Resolving Power: 4.0”
  • Minimum Sight Distance: 1.2 m (3.94 ft)
  • Angle Measurement
  • Measuring Method: Absolute Encoder
  • Minimum Display: 1”/5”/10”, selectable
  • Detection Method: Level Radial, Vertical Radial
  • Angle Measurement Accuracy: 2”

  • Range Finding
  • Reflectorless/Laser Pointer: Class 3R/IIIa
  • EDM: Coaxial
  • Automatic Correction of Input Parameters: Meteorological, Atmospheric Refraction, Earth Curvature
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